#12DaysofDiversity – 5 Questions with Brie Spangler

As part of the #12DaysofDiversity Readathon event, I've invited several authors to visit the blog over the next two weeks to talk about their books!

Kicking us off, is Brie Spangler, author of recently published Beast — a contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a trans love interest. I've heard great things about this book and it's on my reading list for the Readathon! 



Questions with Brie … 

1) Beast is a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast. What drew you to that story in particular? 

Of all the fairytales out there, this is the only one that has captivated me throughout my whole life. Most of them I was like meh, but Beauty and the Beast grabbed me at an early age and never let go.

2) Without giving too many spoilers away, do you think that Beast stays true to the tone and themes present in Beauty in the Beast or does it invert them?

It definitely isn't a faithful retelling. It's more the essence of the story, there's a beast and a beauty and they meet, but that's kindof where it begins and ends. It's Eau de Beauty and the Beast.

3) You've previously published books aimed at much younger audience, what new challenges did writing for teens present?

I actually think writing picture books was harder! It's really hard to put all those feelings and emotions into 32 pages, whereas with a novel you have 300 pages to explore your thoughts and themes. Plus, I remember a lot about high school, so I can draw upon those memories with more ease than I can from when I was very little. I really enjoy the challenges of both picture books and novels, but I feel most passionately for writing YA. Contemporary teens are my jam.

4) Do you have a favourite retelling written by another author? 

Most recently I loved AS I DESCENDED by Robin Talley. Loved her Macbeth retelling!

5) What are you working on next?

Working on a story inspired by the time I accidentally won a pageant… excuse me, a scholarship program… in high school.





3 thoughts on “#12DaysofDiversity – 5 Questions with Brie Spangler

  1. I have Beast on my TBR for the challenge and reading Brie’s answers makes me even more excited for it. Funnily enough, fairytale were never my favourite when I was younger either. But movie-wise, if I was watching one it was Beauty and the Beast.

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