A Writer Reflecting on 2015, Looking forward to 2016

As it's already a week into the New year, I made myself finally sit down and write the post I've been thinking about for quite some time. 



But, I decided that since TODAY is, in itself, a special day, I was in a good frame of mind to write a reflective year post. TODAY I signed a 3-book deal for a new YA fantasy trilogy! (if you literally only clicked this link to know what it's about, scroll to the end)

This year has been full of transitions for me. I already wrote a detailed post about my career change (dayjob) and my progress in dealing with two chronic health conditions. This post is going to be entirely about writing. 

In December 2014, I started querying a manuscript about lesbians on safari looking for unicorns while trying not to fall in love. In March 2015, I signed a contract with Harmony Ink Press. 

Unicorn Tracks is such a special story to me for so many reasons. First, despite being an openly bisexual woman who has dated more women than men, I had never written a f/f manuscript. It seems strange to me now. My first love was a woman. The person who broke my heart into the greatest number of pieces, was a woman. But up until I started Unicorn Tracks, I'd only written f/m couples. 

Secondly, it deals with feelings of isolation that victims can feel after an assault in a very visceral way. This is something that unfortunately resonates very powerfully with me, but that's for another post, another day. 

And … it's my first manuscript to see publication! Unicorn Tracks is scheduled for release in April of this year. 

In addition to signing this book, this year has seen a number of things happen: 

1) I completed four rounds of editing with a publisher! And learned a lot about compromise. 

2) I worked with a designer and got a cover that I am in love with!! 

3) Made so many friends in the writing and blogging communities. I am publishing with a small press. The reality of that is that you have to do a lot of your own marketing and strategic career planning. I've been so lucky to have friends who can steer me right and bloggers will to talk to me about my book!

4) Started a series! In February 2015, I began writing a fantasy novel set in a world based losely on my Christmas trip to Bhutan and Myanmar. The Tiger's Watch is an extremely different type of book to Unicorn Tracks. It has a much darker tone, it's much longer and it's for older audience (upper YA as opposed to lower). I sold it, and it's sequels … TODAY. The Tiger's Watch is Book 1 in the Ashes of Gold trilogy and will be released August 2017 from Harmony Ink! 

5) Wrote a couple of shorts! I wrote a few novelettes! One of them is going to be in an Anthology! YAY. 

6) I started writing a bisexual Retelling of the Little Mermaid. I'm literally so in love with his manuscript I can't even begin to try and sum it up. 


So What's Up for 2016? 

If I'm still alive in August, it may be a miracle. 

Unicorn Tracks releases APRIL 21 2016!! So, I've got lots and lots of release related planning to do. 

I am aiming to finish The Sea Witch by the end of February. 

Book 2 of the Ashes of Gold series is due to the publisher August 1st. 

Book 3 of the Ashes of Gold series is due to the publisher by December 31. 

Beginning the editorial process on The Tiger's Watch 

Publishing a short in an anthology! All details to be posted soon! 

… and trying not to die. Three books to write in a year. One to edit. One short to edit. What could possibly go wrong?




What is The Tiger's Watch … about? 

Sixteen-year-old Tashi has spent their life training as a seargl, a soldier who spies and kills using a bonded animal. When the capital falls after a brutal siege, Tashi flees to a remote monastery to hide. But when the invading army turns the monastery into a hospital, Tashi catches the eye of Xian, the regiment’s fearless young commander.

Tashi spies on Xian’s every move. In front of his men, Xian seems dangerous, even sadistic but Tashi sees a more vulnerable side of the enemy commander – a side that draws them to Xian.

When their spying unveils that everything they learned at the academy was a lie, Tashi faces a choice: save their country or the boy they've started to love? But while Tashi grapples with their decision, their volatile bonded tiger doesn't question her allegiances. Katala slaughters Xian’s soldiers, leading the enemy to hunt her. But a seargl’s bond to their animal is for life – when Katala dies, so will Tashi.

Coming AUGUST 2017 from Harmony Ink!!!

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