Upcoming Events: 

Previous Live Events: 


22/11/2017 — Literary Games Night at Golden Hare Bookshop (Edinburgh), co-hosted with Laura Lam.  

26/10/2017 — 29/10/2017 — Presenter at Sirens Con, CO. Co-presenter of "The Unicorn Fallacy." with CB Lee and Shveta Thakrar. 

07/07/2017 — Book Launch Event for The Seafarer's Kiss at Golden Hare Books. 

02/05/2017 — Presenter at RT Book Lover's Con, Atlanta GA. Co-presenter of "YA Authors Share their Teen Writing."


26/11/2016 — Scottish Book Trust's Bookweek. Co-Presenter of "Queer YA" with Cat Clarke and Laura Lam.

28/10/2016 — Kids Lit Quiz, Harlow Academy, Aberdeen. Visiting Author.

12/08/2016 — 14/08/2016 — Nineworlds Geek Fest, London. Co-presenter of "Writing Queer Characters."

11/05/2016 — 14/05/2016 — Book Expo America, Chicago IL. Signing. 




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