#ReadProud Wrap-Up and Winners

A month ago, I started the #ReadProud challenge as an initiative to encourage bloggers and readers to pick up more LGBTQIA books this month.

Lots of readers pledged their time and made the commitment to read one or two LGBTQIA books a week. We had 36 starters in the challenge and 24 people finished, maintaining their momentum for four consecutive weeks! Many more people participated individually, choosing to read queer books through other challenges or on their own momentum. Over the weeks of the challenges, #ReadProud readers read and reviewed 137 queer books from different genres and age categories. These books came from Big 5 publishers, independent Publishers, small presses and self-published authors.


Top 5 Most Read Books

1) George by Alex Gino … 9 Readers — Middle Grade, Trans Contemp.

2) If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo  … 6 Readers … Young Adult, Trans Contemp.

     This book was also the highest rated of the challenge, averaging 4.67 stars.

3) Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sarah Farizan … 6 Readers … Young Adult, Lesbian Contemp.

4) Out on Good Behavior by Dahlia Adler … 4 Readers … New Adult, Lesbian Contemp.

5) Unicorn Tracks by Julia Ember … 4 Readers … Young Adult, Lesbian Speculative.


Readers had the choice to enter either the Silver Challenge or the Gold Challenge. Silver Challenge Readers read 1 book per week, while Gold Challengers read 2. Each category will have a prize draw. Gold Challengers were automatically entered in both draws, as they read two books per week.

All challenge completers were entered into a randomizer for the draw. Here are the winners:

SILVER PRIZE ($50 for AMAZON, B&N, WATERSTONES or FOYLES): Lauren from Let's Get Beyond Tolerance / Shooting Star Magazine

GOLD PRIZE ($100 for AMAZON, B&N, WATERSTONES or FOYLES): Amber from Bookstacksamber

I hope that both of you will continue your queer reading momentum and get lots of LGBTQIA new books!

Sadly, I cannot give a monetary prize to everyone, but I would also like to mention Jamie from Books and Ladders and Bhavya from Books and Calm for being FUCKING BADASSES in terms of number of books read for this challenge. These guys are like little queer reading power houses. I would like to gift both of you a free queer ebook of your choice — please follow the same instructions to claim it as other prizes.

To claim your prizes, please send me an email at juliaemberya AT gmail DOT com — let me know where to send your prizes! All these prizes are giftcards effectively, and will be sent digitially on or before July 15 as long as claimed promptly.

It goes without saying, maybe, but I want to say it anyway: Queer Books and Queer Spaces are important all year round. If you are looking for new books to read, I absolutely hope that you will check out the lists compiled by GayYa.org or LGBTQReads.com as well as follow them on twitter for regular updates, new books and challenges.