Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do you write?

    I write books for young adults! Currently, most of my work is fantasy, but I also dabble in contemporary and a little light sci-fi. All of my books feature queer main characters and ensemble casts. I am the author of The Seafarer’s Kiss duology, a Norse myth inspired retelling of The Little Mermaid. My next book, Ruinsong, is also high fantasy. It is a f/f romance that takes place in a world where magic is sung, ruled over by a tyrant queen and a quartet of goddesses. I also write for games and web applications.

  2. Will you visit my school, library, or youth group?

    I would love to! I have lots of experience working with teens (ages 12-17) in schools and would be delighted to conduct a reading or a workshop with you. When I lived in Scotland, I worked with the Scottish Book Trust in many high schools. Especially if you are in the Seattle city, please get in touch. I am happy to do school visits for free in my local area, provided the group or school will purchase 10+ copies of any of my books. For schools and libraries further afield, please contact me for rates.

  3. Are you a LGBT+ writer? How do you identify?

    I identify as bisexual and homoromantic. This fluctuates, and I am happy to also be called queer. I am attracted to many genders, and romantically inclined toward women and femmes. I am a white cisgender woman.

  4. Can I interview you?

    Yes! I am happy to hear from bloggers and members of the press with interview questions. I generally have a pretty fast response time, but please let me know in the initial email if you have a specific deadline in mind!

  5. Who is your agent?

    I am represented by Eric Smith at P.S. Literary.

  6. Will you read my book and give feedback?

    Sadly, as much as I love to help emerging writers, I probably cannot read your book. In addition to my work as an author, I also write for games — which is a business that keeps me busy with a constant deluge of deadlines. I also have to read a lot of published books in order to keep up with my industry, and my current critique partners keep me pretty busy with their work!

    I do not run an editorial service, but I do volunteer as a mentor with Author Mentor Match and Pitch Wars. I am also more than happy to answer questions about publishing or writing craft in abstract as long as they do not involve giving critique on your manuscript.

  7. Will you refer me to your agent and or publisher(s)?

    I can’t refer books I haven’t read. Unless we are critique partners or personal friends, and I know both you and your work, I can’t refer you to my agent. My editor at Macmillan only takes submissions via agent. Interlude Press, who published The Seafarer’s Kiss duology, does read unagented submissions. Please consult their submission guidelines.

  8. Will you blurb my book?

    Maybe! If your book is under contract for publication and you think I might be interested in reading it, please contact me! I am especially excited to read any upcoming wlw or f/f fantasy books.

  9. Will there be another book in The Seafarer’s Kiss series?

    At present, none are planned. The series was always planned as a duology, with one book from Ersel’s perspective and one from Ragna’s. But I never say never, so maybe someday I will revisit their world!

  10. What are the trigger warnings for your books?

    Ruinsong — Graphic violence, torture, animal death, child abuse (not sexual).

    The Seafarer’s Kiss — Discussions of infertility (this aspect is #ownvoices), off-page sexual assault.

    The Navigator’s Touch — Graphic violence, execution, child abuse (not sexual).

Nobody Asks, but …

  1. What is your Hogwarts House?

    I am a Slytherin. I am ambitious, love reptiles and believe that everyone is morally gray. Although, as I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed more and more Hufflepuff qualities emerging. My wife is a Hufflepuff and is obviously rubbing off on me.

  2. What is your Zodiac sign?

    Taurus — and it fits.

  3. What pets do you have?

    At the time of writing I have an elderly pony that I have owned for 20 years, two cats, and a ball python.

  4. What is your favorite book of all time?

    I’m being honest when I say I don’t have one. I read a lot and I can very quickly fall in love with new things. A series I still remember vividly and fondly from my own teen years is Artemis Fowl. Some of my recent favorites are: Spinning Silver, Girls Made of Snow and Glass, Not Even Bones, The Scorpio Races, Dread Nation, Girl in Pieces, The Abyss Surrounds Us, The Loneliest Girl in the Universe, The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein, Darius the Great is Not Okay, Court of Fives.